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"It is my considered professional opinion that you all had better follow Meghans advice this winter, so you all will be in shape for Boston."

- Calvin R. Brown, M.D, Professor of Medicine, Norwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine

"Meghan Kennihan is the epitome of a fitness trainer.  She is energetic, encouraging, enthusiastic, expert, enlightened and enlightening, eager, engaging, educated, easy-to-be-with, empathetic, and effective. And, she makes exercising enjoyable!!!"

- Jan Emmert, Personal Training Client

"Meghan worked with me to create a training program to help me not only meet the distance in the time I was shooting for, but she designed a program for me that fit my schedule (which is no easy task since I am a litigator and can have a busy and unpredictable schedule).  However, Meghan did more than just provide me a program, she explained the details to me in a way that, as a beginner, I could understand and thereby maximize the benefits.  She was also very approachable and made herself available to me throughout my training.  She helped me work through some injuries, develop a weight training program to go with my running program, and provided encouraging words when I was feeling overwhelmed.  I could not have made the strides that I did, literally and figuratively, without her. I cannot wait to work with Meghan to prepare to run new races and complete new goals this year."

- James Gillingham, Marathoner

"Just wanted to say thanks for all the extra help.  Survived the 20 miler last Sunday, with some unfortunate stomach issues, but the ankle was great.  Can't believe I'm in the final stretch here.  I just really appreciate your advice and help.  I know I would not have made it to these bigger miles successfully without your help and guidance.  SO, thank you!!!""


- Carrie Ward, First Time Marathoner

"I am happy that I met Meghan and she was able to make my training plan as specific to me as anybody could ever hope to do. When I got off track (which happened 3 times) she redid my plan and sent it back to me so fast I was amazed! She was awesome at letting me know I had to put ME first if I wanted to make my goal. I loved that! She is very inspiring, very motivating, very knowledgeable, and very approachable! All of the traits that I feel are very desirable when looking for a running coach! Meghan helped me immensely,she was able to keep me as close to being on track as I let her and I am happy to say I feel ready to run my race! I wish I had had more time to strength-train with her, she is amazing  at that aspect of the training plan!  I would highly recommend Meghan to anyone who is the least bit interested in improving their running!"

- Karyn Drost, Half-Marathoner/Marathoner

"I was introduced to Coach Kennihan through a friend. On our first visit together, Coach got right down to business. She talked to me about my running goals, gave me an extremely thorough evaluation and followed up with excellent advice on how to improve my strength and flexibility in order to achieve my specific goals. I have been a long distance runner for 8 years. I always thought of myself as being a disciplined athlete, but Coach took it to a whole new level. With a customized training program that focused on strength and speed training, plus her weekly running/dietary/health tips, I was focused, motivated, and had so much fun during this training cycle. As a chiropractor, I have treated all running injuries. She helped me push myself so effectively, and I did not experience any running injuries this summer! All professional athletes have a great coach, so why shouldnt we? Coach helped me reach a PR on my 11th marathon, and I ran the best race of my life. I would highly recommend Coach Kennihan to anyone without any hesitation! Thank you so much Meghan!"

- Dr. Kitty Yon, DC, Dipl. Acupuncture, CKTP

"Meghan, you did for me what I could not do for myself.  I certainly tried many approaches before deciding I finally needed your professional help to overcome my inability to run an entire marathon without walking or stopping due to leg cramps.  I have been running shorter distances for 30 years and my first session with you I learned that my form was wrong.  I ended up beating my PR by 14 minutes without even trying hard.  My fitness level is better than it has been in 20 years.  I started bicycling and swimming more, and now I am thinking IRONMAN!"

- Tony Osborn, Marathoner/Soon-to-Be Ironman

"I was coming off an injury at the end of 2009 and decided to use Meghan's training plan for the 2010 Boston Marathon. I thought the mix of hill and speed workouts left me well-prepared for the race, and it gave me the confidence to set an aggressive goal. I accomplished my goal at Boston, and set a new personal best!"

- Charles Wiegand, Competitive Road Racer

"Meghan's passion for sport and competitive fire come through in her coaching. One cannot help it, but want to expand their limits and excel under her guidance."    

- Kenneth Posmer, Competitive Masters Marathoner

"I started working with Meghan since I wanted to try and run a sub 3 hour marathon.  (My PR to date had been 3:14)   Meghan helped me improve significantly through the plan she put together specifically for me.  Like a good coach should, she challenged me to follow the plan and made adjustments as needed.  Despite a shoulder injury, in 20 weeks of working with Meghan, I achieved my goal and ran a sub 3 hour marathon (a 16 minute PR.)  Her weekly advice, encouragement and direction has made a huge difference in my training.  It was through Meghan's coaching and encouragement that I have been able to run at a level I hadn't previously thought was possible.  In addition to helping me improve my running, she helped give me the confidence to meet my goal.  I will continue to work with Coach Meghan going forward!"
-Kevin O'Brien, Marathoner

"I MADE VARSITY!!!. The scrimmages went really well but I still wasn't fully expecting to make varsity but I just got an email and I did the varsity coach even commented on my effort and improvement. Thank you SO MUCH for all your help! I would not have been able to get in shape without it."
- Kristi Tausk, Varsity LaCrosse Player

After a 10 week layoff recovering from distal bicep reattachment surgery I had 18 weeks get back into shape and train for my tenth half (First Midwest Bank Southwest Half Marathon).  The training plan Meghan developed and her consistent input not only facilitated my getting back into pre-surgery shape but enabled me to run my third fastest half marathon.

-Shawn Lewis


You truly have been an amazing coach and the help I get is comprehensive! Can't thank you enough



I spent the spring and summer of 2011 training for a fall marathon, where I planned to better my only other marathon effort. Never did I imagine how much better my performance would prove to be.  

As a participant of the Waterfall Glen Xtreme 10-Mile race in Darien, IL, I learned about Coach Meghan Kennihan and her personal training programs for runners.  I did a little research and liked what I was reading, so I decided to give Coach Meghan a try.  Coach Meghan had me fill out a questionnaire and calendar with all of my training exercises for the previous 28 days. I met with Meghan on August 1st.  She conducted gait and strength analyses and assessed deficiencies and problems.  We discussed my previous 28 days of training,
with Meghan pointing out the good and bad of what I was doing.  Meghan put together a personalized training program based on my own abilities, strengths, weaknesses and schedule.  I was excited and eager to get the ball rolling, as this was my first personal training plan  designed for nobody but me.  

Despite being on Coach Meghan's plan for only seven weeks pre-race, I was able to run the Fox Valley Marathon in 3:28:30; a PR by over 41 minutes (that is with me tearing a calf muscle at mile 20!).  I was completely amazed.  I did not think I could pull off a marathon at that pace.  I am not a nay-sayer, I just did not think I was at that level yet.  Meghan had her own ideas and made a prediction as to how my performance would be.  Not surprisingly, she was spot-on.  

Coach Meghan brought everything together and created a plan tailored specifically for me.  She considered things like races, vacations, work schedules, etc.  She compiled a comprehensive schedule that included my expected training run paces, cross-training as well as rest days.Coach Meghan was supportive in my endeavors, yet critical when she needed to be (I got scolded a couple of times!).  When you read magazine articles, talk to runners or just guess on your own as to what you should be doing, the picture is confusing and murky.  Coach Meghan makes that picture clear.  There is no question; I will be using Coach Meghan when I train for my next race.  

Coach Meghan, thank you for getting me to where I am today.  
I could not have done this without you!                       
-Mike Trepelas

At the beginning of 2011, I thought about once again running the Chicago Marathon and trying to qualify for the Boston Marathon.  Having last attempted that feat in the 2007 and 2008 Chicago Marathons, when the temperature was very hot and hot, I had some trepidation to try again.  

If I was going to do it, I wanted to give myself the best shot possible.  After doing some research, I decided to work with Meghan.  

She did a gait analysis and evaluation of my running style and had me prepare a questionnaire including my goals for the year.  

Not only did I want to qualify for Boston in my age group but, since I was only turning 55 in 2011, I wanted to qualify as if I was
in my old age group the time for which was 3:35.  My worst case goal was 3:45 for Boston that I subsequently learned really had to be 3:40
for 2013 due to the accelerated registration.  

My times in 2007 and 2008 were a disappointing 4:24 and 3:58 due to the heat.   In addition, to my marathon goal, I also wanted do a 1:42 half marathon and a 21:30 5k.

In early March 2011, Meghan laid out my first 4 week training plan to build up my base and to begin to prepare me for races in May.  
I was impressed with the structure of Meghans plan which included combinations of hard and easy workouts, easy runs, speed work,
long runs, and importantly, rest and recovery.  

The plan was tailored to me which is a huge benefit. She worked me hard but also allowed for that all important recovery which is hard to do.  

I also once questioned why the plan included several fairly long runs early on.  She responded with a lengthy email explaining the physiological reasons and benefits; it was the last time I asked! Each week I provided my results to her which she reviewed and adjusted as needed.  Her responses were always the same day.  

That feedback is instrumental for proper training. In addition, she motivated me and celebrated my accomplishments.  

She also scolded me a couple times when I deviated from the plan, for example, running too hard on what was supposed to be an easyday.  That feedback too is critical and necessary.  She also helped me get through an injury about 6 weeks before the marathon.As a result of Meghans coaching and a 38 week schedule, 2011 was my best running year ever.  

I exceeded all my goals and established some PRs. I broke 21 minutes for a 5k.  

I ran a half marathon at 1:37:35 in September and beat that with a 1:33:55 in November, beating my goal by almost 10 minutes.  Interestingly, Meghan had predicted my time for the November half to be between 1:33:00 and 1:34:00; she was obviously spot on!  

And, I qualified for Boston with a 3:32:33 Chicago Marathon despite warm weather!  I continually improved my race performances during
my training program with Meghan.  Im now frequently placing in the top 3 in my age group and sometimes winning.  

Besides these accomplishments, I now feel like an athlete.  Rather than just running and following a generic training program off the web,
I truly feel like Im training to achieve specific goals.  And, it works.  Moreover, Im mentally focused on racing, not just running.
Working with Meghan has been a real treat.  Her structure, feedback, and motivation provided the environment I needed to flourish.  

Clearly this past year has been successful for me but also has created a foundation for continued enjoyment and further improvements in running and racing.  I plan on working with Coach Meghan in 2012.  

I highly recommend working with her!  


-Don Schaffer

Benefits of Training
with Coach Kennihan:

+ Detailed individualized training program
specific to your goals or future races

+ Initial Consultation including
detailed run analysis

+ 24/7 online access or phone
communication with Coach Kennihan
specific to your goals or future races

+ Increase your running speed
Develop great running economy

+ Increase your VO2 max

+ Weekly Email Advice with Training
Tips and Motivation

+ Food as Fuel: Nutrition Advice


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