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MAKE TRAINING EASY. You dont need to spend hours on the internet or read 100s of books to find the best exercises or nutrition secrets. You can have an educated, experienced trainer who knows what you should be doing and when. You dont need to worry about doing too little or not enough. You just need to worry about giving your best in the sessions your trainer has planned and in return your trainer will make sure you achieve your goals.    
MAXIMIZE YOUR TIME.  There are only so many hours in the day.  Having a trainer to plan what you need to do each day will help you avoid overtraining, useless exercises, and make sure you have quality sessions each and everyday.
HELP YOU ACHIEVE YOUR GOAL.  You are investing more than money into your health and goals; there is an emotional, physical, and psychological component to every goal. A trainer will plan a program for you, specific to your needs. Most internet training plans/exercises are generalized for a large population; a trainer will put together a plan that fits your schedule, your body type, and your goal. You will not have to stress out trying to figure out the perfect balance between work, training, family etc. you will have someone there to help you put together your ideal schedule.  

When you add up the costs of finding enough information to organize and plan your workouts, purchasing and testing fitness equipment that fails, doctors bills for the injuries you cause yourself, not to mention the emotional, personal,
and physical toll this takes on your body, you cant deny how much you will save with a trainer. Stop wasting time and money. Guarantee your success GET A PERSONAL TRAINER!


A one-size-fits-all training program will NEVER let you realize your full potential. It can get you started, but it can only take you so far. There are so many more aspects of training than mileage, speedwork, and recovery. I believe that training plans should be adjusted not only when setbacks occur, but daily and weekly, based on the day to day reactions of the athletes bodies and lives outside of running. A training plan should be in pencil and not ink.

There are many variables to each athlete such as running experience, training history, speed, strength, endurance, injuries, ability to recovery and others that make each unique. This is why the ideal training plan and approach for every runner is also truly unique. For example, a runner who has more natural endurance than speed should not train for a marathon the same way as someone who has more natural speed even if the two have the same goal time.

The primary obstacle to most runners getting faster is lack of  knowledge needed to customize and make adjustments to your training plan as it proceeds. Basically, what is holding you back is a need for a coach who will help you put your training on track and keep it on track.

The human body adapts to differently to different types of training. So one must learn how their individual body adapts, you need to do what works for you and avoid what doesn't even it means that you do things differently from other runners. This is where I can help.

I have spent countless hours picking the brains of other coaches and runners, reading all the running books I can get my hands on, studying all the latest exercise physiology literature, and attending coaching and running certifications to further my knowledge. I use all this knowledge when analyzing my runners form, strength imbalances, and past running history to develop a unique plan to meet their needs. Now you may think you dont need any help because your past training plan worked and you are just going to stick with it, but no matter how much success you had in your last training program, you need to change it if you want to improve. I can help you take advantage of the success you had and create a plan that demands more from your body. GET A RUN COACH!

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