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Kettle Moraine 100K Race Report #PINKY

Pre Race:

I recovered VERY quickly from the Ice Age 50 miler, I took one day completely off then by Monday I felt fine. I played it cautiously and just did a bit of yoga and elliptical and didn’t test running until Tuesday. It felt fine…. So by the weekend I did 40x Swallow Cliff Stairs, 8 miles of trail running followed the next day by a FatAss Four Hours in the Bowl (basically a 0.8 mile loop of up and down in a circle about 5,000ft of climbing and about 20 miles) and I WON for Females, and 2nd Overall (OK, there may have only been like 15 people there ;)and it wasn’t really a competition) #RelaxMeghan. Needless to say this encouraged me to go ahead and sign up for the Kettle Moraine 100K two weeks later… I was also getting peer pressure (in a good way) by all the Flatlanders who were going, crewing, or pacing.

I basically just followed EXACTLY the workouts I had done two weeks out from Ice Age which involved only 3 days a week of running and a TON of fun cross-training (kettlebells, plyometrics, powerlifting, elliptical, stairs, biking, strength circuits etc) #BestExerciser. I did one true “speed” workout Yassos 800s at about a 6:15 pace and a few tempo runs… all felt good.

The broken hand from Ice Age left me with a brace but it definitely got in the way of swinging kettlebells and lifting SOoooo I played doctor and decided not to wear it… and guess what? It is healing fine. #DrMeghanMD. I prepped my drop boxes the same way as the 50 but decided to try some new “fuel”… VFuel gels and the same bars as last time (Rise Almond and Honey, Raw Food Spirulina Crunch, Clif Bar Kit’s Organics)

Day Before the Race:

I booked the same Air BnB with Sandy! So sweet! I did a two mile “shake out” run in my new “Sparkle Skirt” that I was wearing for the first time because I didn’t have a crew for this race so I had to carry almost everything #WheresCoryFeignWhenYouNeedHim. The skirt was PERFECT it holds so much, so comfortably, no chafing! #SponsorMe? I literally did not need the drop boxes. I put on my PEK (Performance Enhancing Kokopelli Tattoo, charged up my Marc Pro for the drive and was off.

Race Day:

I woke up at 3:30am and got my breakfast ready while watching Criminal Minds on Sandy’s big screen TV. I had the same race day breakfast of a MASSIVE omelet full of veggies and chicken sausage, sweet potato baked “chips” that I spread with kerrygold butter, coconut oil, and almond butter and two cups of coffee. I considered changing my nutrition strategy from VFuel gels to the pocket shots below that were part of the great AirBnB bar but decided to save them for the “after party”. #DrunkUltra=DNF I finished breakfast and caked myself in sunscreen and bug spray (terrible bug spray more on that later) then realized I FORGOT MY SOCKS! WHA?!?! Luckily I put an extra pair in my drop box… PHEW! Off to the start line feeling nervous but excited.

Miles 1-15ish:

At the start I saw so many Flatlanders and friendly faces which totally relaxed me. The RD gave a great starting speech and was the sweetest looking man in the world, like Santa Clause. Kind eyes and just a wonderful charisma. I stepped to the line and was right next to Alec Bath who I wanted to “pace” off of because he is experienced and was shooting for a 10 Hour race. We ran together for the first 15ish miles and it all felt smooth. We got to see Cory and Amanda, fellow flatlanders which was a nice boost at the first Aid Station. I was my usual chatty self and probably was annoying him but when I’m nervous I talk… A LOT.

#ShutUpMeghanTryingToRaceHere When we got to our first “drop bag” location at 15, first of all the RD was there yelling “PINKY! PINKY!” first Woman… I LOVE HIM! Then, I realized I hadn’t eaten anything… OOPS… so I really didn’t need to stop, Shelly (Alec’s Girlfriend who has given me so much great advice and help) filled my bottle and I made myself start to eat 2+ hours into the race. I had to take off my chip from my ankle because my stupid calves are too skinny for it and it was bouncing around and rubbing on my Achilles so I put it on my water bottle and basically had to squat down and swipe the mats at the aid station. #WishIHadCankles This wasn’t terrible first 30 miles but after that it got painful, the extra squatting was not appreciated by my legs.

Miles 15-32ish:

I am probably going to get this wrong but this is where we went through the “Meadows” It looked totally runnable in pictures but it was not… it was lumpy grass and wide open in the sun… pretty miserable, I just could not get a comfortable stride going. I was by myself so I started listening to podcasts, which were nice to distract my mind. #BooTenJunkMiles?NoNewEpisodes ;(…I kept thinking I was going the wrong way especially at Brady Point? I started going up this hill and thought I had gone 10 minutes out of my way and kept stopping until I glimpsed a blue shirt doing the switchbacks ahead so I picked up my pace to catch the guy just so I knew I was going the right way. We started chatting, Ryan (my brothers name!) Patrick … IRISH! He gave me a great name idea for my sister’s 2nd baby coming … he has a son named Liam… LOVE IT! Anyway, Ryan was a nice distraction for a few miles but then he decided to slow (he was doing the 100mile)… at this point we started to see some people coming back from the turnaround… I kept looking for Alec because I didn’t know if he was in front of me or behind me. I hadn’t really stopped at any aid stations; I couldn’t even tell you what was on any of the tables. #ThereWereSnowConesDamnIt! When I did stop for a pit stop, I actually had to wait in “line” for almost 5 minutes!! Turned out to be a little girl so she was forgiven ;)… I finally got to the 2nd drop box place and Shelley was there SMILING and cheering me on… I LOVED IT…. She helped me get rid of my garbage and pick up some more gels and pieces of bars. She also advised me to throw my visor on… THANK YOU SHELLEY! One quick picture and I was off again, 2nd half of the race!

Miles 32-58:

I was dreading the time in the meadows, my feet were already KILLING me because I stupidly ran in Innov-8s which have NO cushion and are 0 drop… these are great shoes for anything under a 50K but not this race. #DoNotSponsorMeInnov8 I also knew the meadows = FUCKING HORSE FLIES! I HATE Horse Flies! They freak me out… they follow you and land on you and bite you! And they are fast mother Fers! I can’t stand them… granted they “helped” me basically do a fartlek the entire race but I was SOOOOO ANGRY at them and myself for wearing “baby organics” bug spray. #DEETyourself If I wasn’t such a jerk about being “chemical free” and just put on some Deet I might have saved myself some frustration. But even with the flies, the foot pain, and tight hammies and calves I wasn’t really having any mentally LOW points…I decided to save my “music” until mile 40. On the way back, it was easier on me mentally knowing I was going the “right” way because I would remember little things like that downed tree, that red mushroom (no, I was not hallucinating) etc. The best part of miles 32-40 was that somewhere in there a BEAUTIFUL yellow monarch butterfly flew up directly in front of me and literally stayed with me for ½ a mile leading the way (again, not hallucinating)… this happened AGAIN at around mile 45, same butterfly?

I don’t know but it was really “woo-woo” inspiring. Speaking of “woo-woo” this is the section where I started using my mantra “The Body Achieves, What the Mind BELIEVES” so I just kept thinking I know I can RUN this whole thing and I KNOW I can stay in first! #VisualizationWorks This was also the section that everything hurt but I dealt with it well. IT Band is killing, squeeze your glutes… Feet are killing, squeeze your glutes… calves are getting tight, squeeze your glutes…. Pump your arms, run tall, tighten the core. #SQUEEZEyourGoddamnGlutes! Finally I hit mile 40 and turned on my music… I had made a 7 hour play list so I had no idea what was going to come on first…it was Ice Cube- PUT YOUR ASS INTO IT! HA! Not only was that what I had been concentrating on for the last 8 miles but it also brought some hilarious memories of bartending at Bar Chicago (basically Coyote Ugly Bar) and dancing on the bar all night! #NotPoleDancingAmanda I had tried to run the whole race channeling my inner Killian and Anton on the downhills and I think I did a pretty good job (not great but way better than Ice Age) until mile 53… that’s where I stumbled BUT caught myself. I threw my arms up in a victory cheer for my save and the next step BOOM! Straight down on my left side SAME broken hand side but this time I broke my fall with my hip and side of my knee instead of my hand. I stood up… walked a few steps… nothing broken but OUCH and blood… I decided not to look but just GO… however, I became SUPER cautious…too cautious. Luckily, I only had a few more miles to go. #BattleScars

Miles 58-Finish:

OMG… longest hilliest 5 miles of my LIFE! I swear the hardest hills were in this 5 mile stretch. There were count down signs 4,3,2,1 and I think someone was playing mind games with the runners and making them at least 2 miles long each for a total of 10 miles not 5!

Or at least that’s how it felt. I managed to “chick” about 3 guys in this stretch but it was NOT easy… first I caught up to Josh who was doing the 100 miler and he ask if he could pace off me to get to his pacer and I said absolutely! That lasted all of 5 minutes then he said this is where I leave you, I ask him his pacer’s name (Joe Peacock, great name) and I said I would alert him that Josh was on the way…. Next , I passed someone who did not look like he wanted to talk so I just kept going… then I caught up with Alec Bath, this KILLED me, I did NOT want to pass him but I really wanted to be done. #SORRYALEC I tried to stay with him a bit but could tell he wanted nothing of it and was in a mentally tough place. I put myself in his shoes and decided I needed to get out of sight because I would be totally annoyed with me. #AgainShutUpMeghan When I finally reached the 1 mile marker I tried to quicken my step, it felt like I was going a 6:30pace but I was probably going an 8:30 pace! #UsainBoltWatchOut Then I saw the best thing in the whole world! The finish line! The Kettle Moraine 100K Banner! I was there! First Place Female! I raised my hands and booked it across the line! SO HAPPY! And the first smiling face I see is “Santa Claus” Race Director Tim! #PERFECT!

Amazingly, physically I felt GREAT! I kept thinking I could be doing the 100 miler… but I was more than happy to be done. I walked around got water, hosed myself down and changed clothes. I stayed at the finish line for about 2 hours after I was done, hanging out with the Flatlanders and cheering on all the finishers and 100 milers. I would have LOVED to stay into the night but I have a tendency to fall asleep while driving (long story) and didn’t want to risk it.


Just like at the 50 Miler, I have recovered SO FAST. Minus a bad blister …I took Sunday off just walked around, then Monday I felt good so I rollerbladed 20 miles and did some yoga, by Tuesday I was back to intervals on the elliptical and stairclimber and an upper body strength circuit, and Wednesday 50 miles of cycling intervals and kettlebells! The magic? I don’t know… Marc Pro, Arnica Gel, Epsom Salt Bath, Magnesium Oil on the legs, NOW Foods Glucosamine, MSM, Arnica Lotion…whole foods….

Lessons Learned:

-INNOV-8s are NOT good shoes for a 100K… I need more cushion and bigger toe box

-Learn to eat more, 5 gels and 3 bars were probably not enough

-Practice Downhills (the technical ones) although I think I would have been more ambitious in better shoes

-Don’t be so cautious, you can go faster ;)




-Now Foods Supplements and Food

-Injinji Socks

-Runners Recovery Tea

-Sparkle Skirts



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