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BEST Protein Brownies EVER

I just made the most DELICIOUS brownies ever and the best part? They are high protein, low carb and have all natural ingredients! They were so EASY to make, just add water. Naked Protein Brownie Mix is a must have for chocolate lovers.

Naked Brownie is a high-protein, low-sugar brownie baking mix that starts with premium whey concentrate protein. Then they add coconut sugar, sea salt, and other natural ingredients to create decadent, guilt-free brownies that’ll help you increase protein intake for more energy, stable appetite, and better post-workout recovery. Each serving provides 15g of protein, 9g of sugar, and 230 calories for a balanced and satisfying protein treat.

Here is the step by step in pictures. I added extra protein by adding a scoop of the Naked Grassfed Whey Unflavored into the batch.

I can't wait to hear what you think of these! Let me know in the comments or DM me on Instagram @trainwithmeghan


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