4 Hours in the Bowl #FlatlanderMountainTraining

This was a #FATASS race put on by Cory Feign, basically because he is training for Colorado 200 Mile Race and wanted some company trying to get elevation in flat Illinois #selfish.

The "race" was at Melas Park, a large water drainage area. The Rules, simple... Cory mapped out a 0.8 mile loop going up and down the "hills" of the reservoir and you did it as many times as you could for 4 hours.

We kept track with a poster board and FUN stickers. I finished with 26 laps about 20ish miles, 2nd overall, 1st place female #Wasn'tThisSupposeToBeForFun?

I had a great time meeting with new Flatlanders and bonding over our misery ;)... I ran the whole time #HumbleBrag, no nutrition but water and some electrolytes, just fat burn mode.. Pictures speak louder than words!

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